A Safer More Just Conference

Please click on the link above to view a video of our A Safer More Just Conference.


At St Mary's C.E. Primary School, safeguarding is of the highest priority and supporting staff and parents in ensuring our children are protected by upholding their rights at all times.


Article 6:

You have the right to life and to be healthy.

Article 12:

Your right to say what you think should happen and be listened to.

Article 13:

Your right to have information.

Article 19:

You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe.

Article 36:

You should be protected from doing things that could harm you.

Article 39:

Children should get special help if they have been abused.


This academic year we are focusing on health, safety and well being in our assemblies and circle time discussions. Topics include e-safety, safe on the street and in the community, healthy body and mind and appropriate relationships.


Please read our safeguarding policies to support the health and safety of your child.


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Safeguarding at St Mary's


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