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St Mary's has been awarded 'Teaching School' status in recognition of work with wider partnerships, teacher training and work with its local and wider community. We are part of a wider 'Teach Manchester' alliance which includes teaching schools from early years to sixth form. Please click here for more information from Teach Manchester.


Mathematics at St Mary's            

In a recent press release, The Department for Education stated that the south Asian ‘mastery’ approach to teaching maths is set to become a standard fixture in England’s primary schools. 


Maths mastery involves children being taught as a whole class, building depth of understanding of the structure of maths, supported by the use of high-quality textbooks.


St Mary’s introduced Singapore Maths in 2014 and is a Maths Hub text book pilot school.  The recent evaluation of the text book project can be found here.  We teach using the Maths No Problem series throughout the school.  The maths lead at St Mary’s, Fiona Hagsharfi, is a Specialist Leader in Education in Mathematics, a NCETM Maths Mastery Specialist and an Assistant Head Teacher.  Fiona also delivers workshops and training on behalf of the North West One Maths Hub.  


St Marys are offering the following maths workshops in 2016-2017:


If you are looking for pupil and parent information on Maths, please click here. 


Supporting British Values through a Rights Respecting Ethos

St Mary's is a UNICEF Level 2 Rights Respecting School.  This workshop is led by Phil Trohear and explores developing a rights respecting' ethos' and becoming a UNICEF Level 2 Rights Respecting School Award school.  British Value themes such as democracy, responsibility as citizens and mutual respect are fundamental to the curriculum and a key part of the Rights Respecting ethos. Please click here to read our Level 2 RRSA Inspection report. 


Specialist Leaders of Education

St Mary's has a number of Specialist Leaders of Education who can support your school on a bespoke basis.  

  • Fiona Hagsharfi (Maths)
  • Cath Jenkins (English)
  • Leah Moores (Behaviour and Discipline)
  • Ann-Marie Swain (Early Years)
  • Phil Trohear (Behaviour and Discipline)

Support costs from £350 per day; and can be brokered by negotiation with the school. 



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