Year 2NR Assembly - The Great Fire of London

Year 4 Black History Assembly

Year 3H Assembly - Anglo Saxons

Year 3MH Assembly - The Romans

Black History Assembly (Performed by Year 3)

Year 4CA Egptian Assembly

Year 5C Assembly - Ancient Greeks

Year 5C Assembly - Victorians

Year 1M Houses and Homes Assembly



Nursery KM & LM Assembly - Space

Year 5FH Assembly - Space

Year 1KS Assembly - Animals and Humans

Nursery Assembly - Space

Year 3HJ Assembly - Rocks

Year 3SM Assemblies - Rocks



UNICEF Councillors Assembly - Article 13: Your right to freedom of speech

Year 6MS Assembly - Rights

Year 6 letters to The Prime Minister about the Syrian refugee crisis

St Mary's Governor Away Day UNICEF Assembly




Year 5J Assembly - Celebrations

Year 3 Easter Assembly

Reception Nativity

Eid Assembly - Performed by Year 2

 Harvest Assembly - Performed by Year 5


Easter Assembly 

 Year 2 Graduation Assembly

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Eid Assembly - Performed by Year 3

Easter Assembly - Performed by Year 1



Year 1NR Assembly - The 3 Little Pigs

Recep AMS - The Gruffalo

Year 1SM - The 3 Little Pigs

Reception L - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Year 1ST The Lighthouse Keepers Lunchbox



Year 1ST Assembly - Toys

Nursery Assembly - Superheroes

Reception AMS Assembly - Superheroes

 World Book Day Assembly

Year 1KM Assembly - Journeys

Year 5LC Sport Relief Assembly

Year 3H - Googlebox Assembly

Year 4HJ - Friendship Assembly

Year 6S Assembly (Ambition)

Year 3M Assembly - Skills

Rec C Assembly - Never give up!

Takeover Challenge 

Year 4AL Assembly - Learning French

Year 5LM - The Journey of Year 5