We want you to achieve everything that you possibly can.

It will help you if you come to school everyday.

If you are having any problems, please talk to us so we can try and help.

Year Group % Attendance
NB 96.9%
NL 93.5%
RC 96.1%
RM 91.7%
1H 98.8%
1M 99.6%
2H 98.2%
2M 93.3%
3C 98.5%
3H 98.3%
4F 99.3%
4M 97.9%
5R 95.2%
5W 99.1%
6MS 98.9%
6NS 97.7%

Every week your teacher will be looking at how well you are all doing, to make sure you are not missing out by being off school.

This not only helps with your learning, but there are also lots of rewards along the way.

If your class has 100% attendance in a week,

you will receive an attendance cheque to treat yourselves. 

Be in Every Day!

Attendance is slightly up but we need to maintain this to have

the whole school reach it's  target.

Previous weeks attendance was 97.5% 

How many classes will achieve 100% this term?

We expect everybody in school everyday and on time.

97 pupils with 100% attendance so far this year.

Well done all of you.

176 so far this Summer term, keep it up.

Attendance so far this year is 96.5%

This is below our school target.

We need everybody to be in everyday so that we can improve.

You can do it!

                                For full school term dates see the calendar page.