Safe at Home


Safety at home is really important particularly when we are all at home together. We will be posting information around physical health mental health as well as staying safe on line. 




Please click here for information on how to talk to your child when using Instagram


How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus...

Click here for advice on how to talk to your child about Coronavirus.

A great resource to explain Coronavirus to children. So here it is using images and Makaton. Please use and share so others can access. #SEND #COVID-19 #WeTalkMakaton


Online Safety: 

For Parents:

Here's a link to further advice and other kinds of cyber security dangers to look out for.

Advice from Women's Aid if you are worried about your safety at home.
Again, phone our school numbers if you are worried.We will always answer your call. 
Julie Jackson: 07702669502
Sue Duffy: 07702669498 



 For more first aid advice click on the link