Fiona Hagsharfi


Fiona Hagsharfi joined St Mary’s in 2004 and currently is an Assistant Head teacher and Maths Lead here.  Fiona has implemented the Singapore approach to maths, firstly in KS1 and EYFS and then into KS2 following an intensive programme of training and visits to Singapore.   All teachers at St Mary’s have received the 3-day intensive training by Dr Yeup Ban Har. 


St Mary’s is a strategic partner for the North West One Maths Hub.  Through this St Mary’s was selected as a pilot school for the Text Book Project on which Fiona leads.


Fiona was part of the first cohort of Mastery Specialist Teachers trained by the NCETM.  Mastery specialists are trained in a variety of South East Asian approaches, including the Singapore and Shanghai approaches.    She is now a Mastery Specialist Lead for the North West One Maths Hub and runs both her own and supports other Mastery Specialists with their Teacher Research Groups.   She also leads primary projects on behalf of the hub. 


Fiona will be visiting Shanghai, and hosting teachers from Shanghai as part of the Shanghai exchange programme to deepen her understanding of the different South Asian approaches to maths.


Fiona has a wealth of experience is developing ‘Lesson Study’, both as internal professional development for staff at St Mary’s and in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester.


Fiona is a NCETM Professional Development Accredited Lead and also delivers training to others working towards this accreditation.  She is a designated Specialist Leader of Education for maths through the NCTL.



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