Supporting British Values through a Rights Respecting Ethos

The Unicef UK Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) supports schools across the UK to embed children's rights into the school ethos and culture.

St Mary’s has found this approach central to embedding British Values into everyday school life. Through embedding the RRSA ethos we provide every opportunity to support our children in ‘being the best that they can be’ (Article 29).

The RRSA ethos provided St Mary’s children with further opportunities to develop life skills, enhance achievement and become model citizens, making a key contribution to our teaching and modelling of British Values. British Value themes such as democracy, responsibility as citizens and mutual respect are fundamental to the curriculum and a key part of the Rights Respecting ethos.

Becoming an RRSA School has also had impact at St Mary's in areas such as:
• improved self esteem and well-being
• a stronger understanding of British values
• improved relationships and behaviour
• a maximised engagement in learning
• positive attitudes and tolerance to diversity
• enhanced moral understanding

This workshop includes:
• a tour around St Mary’s school, demonstrating the impact of the RRSA ethos and environment.
• observation of a Rights Respecting School assembly.
• a presentation from the St Mary’s UNICEF team on pupil voice.
• input from the RRSA Co-ordinator on how to develop an RRSA approach in your school (short and long term).
• advice on how to link RRSA to the curriculum and all aspects of school life
• a demonstration of an RRSA lesson.

I was delighted to become Assistant Headteacher in 2008 and Deputy Headteacher in 2011. Working with a dynamic, supportive and innovative SLT has helped me develop my leadership skills. Urban leadership is an opportunity to develop leadership further and it is something I strongly believe will make a difference.

My role as an SLE with a ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ leadership and behaviour focus is rich and I have done the following:

• Through the Teach Manchester Teaching School, I have trained over 60 Headteachers and senior leaders in primary schools and secondary schools (embedding the Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) through British Values).
• I have organised several Conferences and Vision days with an RRSA focus. In 2017, 48 schools attended both ‘Hear My Voice’ Conferences. All schools recognised the training as very positive with high impact.
• I have very good experience at speaking at conferences or training.
• I have worked with groups or individual staff on developing short and long term strategies to positively impact behaviour inside and outside the classroom.
• I have trained PGCE, Bed, BA (Hons) student teachers from Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cumbria, Leeds University and The University of Chester.
• I am currently working with trainee Educational Psychologists around embedding the RRSA ethos into learning and child development.

I can support schools, staff, governors or professionals in a variety of ways:
• Support Headteachers and Senior leaders in introducing and embedding the Rights Respecting School Award ethos into schools.
• Plan and deliver INSET days for groups or individual schools
• Plan and deliver training in embedding the ‘Rights Respecting ethos in schools (focusing on leadership, strategy, learning and pupil voice)
• Plan and deliver staff meetings
• Support groups or individual staff on developing behaviour strategies inside and outside the classroom.

There are no further dates scheduled for 2017-18.

Phil Trohear is available to book for bespoke sessions within your school, for example delivering inset days, staff meetings or providing support to coordinators.

You can book and pay online through our Eventbrite page. Alternatively Please contact Rachel Eppy on 0161 226 1773 or

For further details about this workshop or other opportunities please contact Rachel Eppy (0161 226 1773), or visit our Eventbrite page.