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 St Mary's C of E Primary, Moss Side, M16 7AQ    

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What are the changes?

Click here to look at the recent parental survey from the recent parents evening (177 parental surveys). Thank you to all the parents that contributed!

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St Mary's CRC map (each class has chosen 3 rights) Click on the logo to find out the class rights for every class!

Introduction of the St Mary's UNICEF Councillors. The assembly introduced the team to the school and informed the school of their plans.

Please click here to read our recent 'Outstanding' National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist School Report 


St Mary's would like to thank all staff, parents, governors, stakeholders and the community for winning this amazing award. Most of all, St Mary's would like to thank the pupils! You are amazing!



Please click on the Granada Reports icon to play the news report about St Mary's winning the 'TES Primary School of the Year 2014'. 

Above is the video of St Mary's winning the TES Primary School of the Year 2014 award.

The video shows the grilling that Year 6 pupils were put through during the 'Year 6 Enterprise' interviews. Many thanks to the police. Manchester Regeneration, Directors, Doctors etc that gave up their own time and interviewed the children and gave the pupils a great insight into the different roles in the public and private sector. The video also shows the market stalls that were selling the products manufactured in each class. Lots of profits were made with very enthusiastic selling techniques.

The Under One Roof event , held at St Mary's, invited 30 businesses, services and stakeholders to set up stalls and promote their information to parents. Many thanks to the everyone who was involved in the organisation of this superb and historic event. Many thanks to the 150 parents that attended the event from all over the community!

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This is the St Mary's performing arts club production of The Wizard of Oz. Many thanks to Ms Butcher and Miss McIntosh who organised the production. The performance is linked to Article 31 'The right to relax and play'.


Click here to watch the amazing Year 2 Easter assembly.

St Mary's have made the news! Click here to read the review of a play performed by The Theatre Centre. The article was  written by St Mary's Miss Fortune about the performance at St Mary's. The review made Theatre pages of The Guardian.

Click here to watch St Mary's on ITV news on Saturday. St Mary's pupils were invited to the opening of the library. Enjoy Rabha's interview to the nation! Click here to read the report about St Mary's at the opening in the MEN newspaper.


St Mary's are encouraging parents to sign up to Twitter as another form of communication. More information will be provided in the next few weeks! 


The video above is the St Mary's International Women's Day event held which is held annually at St Mary's. The theme was 'how to be a peacemaker'. Thank you to Lotte Karlson and the fabulous mothers of St Mary's. The butterflies designed and created by parents and pupils will be going on the tree outside the staffroom. 

Above is the video of the assembly and puppet show that celebrated 'World Book Day'.

Class 3SA performed a fantastic assembly about water. Look out for the links to Geography, History, Science and 'Article 24: The right to clean water'.


Bishop Mark visits St Mary's to find out why St Mary's is a 'rights respecting' school.

Please click here to view the latest pupil survey results. Thank you to all the pupils who participated.

 This video was edited by The Headteacher: Ms Zarour, Deputy Headteacher: Mr Bulle and Chair of Governors: Shade Lynch. The assembly was planned and delivered by the above senior leadership team. Please enjoy the assembly!


This video was edited by Amber Daulby (Year 3SA), Isiaq Bakare (Year 4EC) and Kiera Brennan (Year 4AL). The video shows the pupils taking over the roles of teachers, Chefs, Lunchtime Organisers, Teaching Assistants, Business Manager, Attendance Officer, Secretary and senior management!

Above is the video of the St Mary's parental event promoting 'Hate crime awareness', reflecting on parental rights.

St Mary's UNICEF team went on a residential with Haveley Hey and The Willows to Ghyll Head to action plan for RRSA Level 2. 


Please click here to view the recent parental survey. Many thanks to all the parents who contributed.


Please click here for the performance league table for Manchester primary schools. St Mary's achieved 90% level 4 in Maths and English combined (positioned 18th in Manchester).

Many thanks to the Reception classes in St Mary's for a FANTASTIC performance. Please enjoy, Merry Christmas!

St Mary's UNICEF team helped City South Housing prepare christmas hampers donated by many businesses in the Moss Side community. Many thanks to Evelyn Asante-Mensah!

The video above is a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela. The video shows performances by all classes in Key Stages 1 and 2 and a video by Year 4. Nelson Mandela was inspirational to everyone and inspired us all to achieve, even in the face of adversity. A quote by Madiba that inspires us all at St Mary's is,


"‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall".

The video is a celebration of St Mary's parents who have attended a St Mary's Rotary ESOL class. Many thanks to Laura, Bernard, Andrew and the volunteers who have helped our parents achieve. Congratulations to all parents who were awarded a certificate in the UNICEF assembly!

The pupils of St Mary's were invited by 'The Youth Charter' to attend a ceremony in The Speakers Room in Westminster Hall. John Bercow MP (The Speaker for The House of Commons) introduced the ceremony. Geoff Thompson, The Chairman for 'The Youth Trust' presented St Mary's with a scroll, Amina finished proceeding by reading in front of 200 distinguished guests. Many thanks to 'The Youth Charter' for the award and the opportunity to spend an amazing day in Parliament.

Years 4 constructed and edited a video about famous Scientists and their impact on the world.

St Mary's and City South Housing organised a meeting for parents to inform them of many digital initiatives. Thanks to the following stakeholders that were involved. Manchester College informed parents about pre-employment courses. Manchester college and St Mary's are eager to work together to create an I.C.T parental course. Manchester Credit Union informed parents about benefits, accounts and loans. This consolidated on the meeting making parents aware about 'Loan Sharks'. Manchester City Council (Go on) made parents aware of the benefits of using the internet and how it would increase their employability. Please click on the links below for more information.

Mosscare    Manchester College     Manchester Credit Union     City South Housing     Go On


Please click here to watch the fantastic Year 2SJ assembly videos on 'Healthy Foods'.


Louise Dacacoidia from St Mary's Saturday school is up for a community award in 'The Nubian Times Awards'. Please click here to vote for Louise.



Please click on the UNICEF logo above to look at the 3 children's rights each class will be focusing on.

Above is the video for ESOL Parental breakfast. With the help of The Rotary, St Mary's are encouraging the parents of St Mary's to join the St Mary's ESOL class that starts on Tuesday, October 22nd (09.15 to 11.00). St Mary's are delighted so many parents are interested and want to be involved!

Above is the video for the St Mary's Eid Assembly, performed by Years 5. Many thanks to all the parents who contributed to the Eid party in the afternoon thank you for making it a fantastic event!


Please click here to watch the fantastic St Mary's Manchester Camerata performance. Also, click here to read the article in the MEN paper about the performance. Amazing!



St Mary's have won the TES 'School of the Year' for Community and Enterprise. This is a national award, this means that we have been recognised as the best school in the nation. Please click here to watch the video of the St Mary's team going to London to collect the award. Also see St Mary's friend  'Fred Jarvis' get a lifetime award. Well done St Mary's!

 Please click here to watch the visit of Helen Grant MP, The Minister for Justice. Helen came to visit St Mary's to see our fabulous children, staff and parents and was very impressed by 'children's rights' ethos. Helen was extremely impressed with the school and would like to forward her thanks for being made to feel welcome!



FANTASTIC NEWS! Please click on the logo above to read the newspaper report celebrating St Mary's being short listed for the 'T.E.S School of the year' awards. Please click here to look at the short list of schools that have been selected for the award. Fingers crossed! 

 Please click here to read the article printed in 'The Manchester Evening News' about the assembly and parental meeting last Wednesday about the dangers of 'loan sharks'.

Please click here to watch the video for the parental event promoting the problems of 'illegal money lending'. Many thanks to Mancunian Way and City South Housing. The event is linked to Article 26: 'The right to extra money if yourfamily hasn’t got enough to live on'. Below are the winners of the 'Loan Shark' artist competition.


Below is the video for the St Mary's parental training for the virtual environment. The parents learnt about what the children could do at home, on the computer.


Parental Training for VLE

Please click here to watch the video letter that has been sent to Manchester Council in response to the tree felling in Alexandra Park. The children have written powerful letters in response to the Councils actions. 


 Please click here to read the fantastic St Mary's Christmas newsletter.

Thanks to Mark.


Below is the video for 'The St Mary's Art Project'. The children learnt about 'colour therapy' and 42 children produced 42 canvases that represented the 42 children's rights. Thanks to Lotte and Catherine! Please watch Part 1!

Art Project Part 1

Art Project Part 2


Please click here to watch the 'St Mary's After School Clubs' assembly and video for the assembly. The videos show a fantastic range of after school provision for St Mary's pupils!

Please click here to look at the recent results for the 'Pupil survey' for St Mary's pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2. Please click here to read the recent parental survey data analysis. Thank you to all parents for the information!


Below is the video of the 'phonic' sounds that the children must learn in The Foundation Unit and Key Stage 1. Miss McNulty has constructed a video to show the sounds for each letter and blends of letters. PLEASE PRACTISE Foundation Unit and Key Stage 1!

Phonic Sounds

The Moss Side Project
The video above celebrates the the Moss Side project and the unveiling of the community posters. The interviews with pupils, parents, staff and stakeholders are fantastic and shows what an AMAZING community Moss Side is. Thanks to Lotte Karlson and the Synchronized team.


Please click here to find out about the ICT parental meeting on E-Safety. Thank you to all parents who came. Please click here to watch videos about the dangers of the internet (e.g. chatrooms, cyberbullying). Free software is available to provide filters to parents and guardians to improve your computer security. Above is a recording of the parental meeting.