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Maths at St Mary's

At St. Mary’s we believe that every child can develop a deep understanding and love of maths. With outstanding teaching, encouragement and the right kind of support our children are able to thrive. They are given the confidence to ask questions, share ideas, make mistakes and reflect on their maths journey at the same time as being reassured by their peers and teachers.

Alongside our well-planned lessons, there are high quality textbooks and workbooks to further enhance the pupils’ learning; accompanied by a wealth of teaching resources, student resources and professional development based on the transformational teaching methods in Singapore.

Have a look at our school in the Maths No Problem case study video. Who can you spot?

Visual representations are used as an aid to help conceptual understanding, such as bar models that are used by the children to represent the size of quantities and fractional parts. The big idea of this approach is centred on the five core competencies which are: Number Sense, Visualisation, Generalisation, Communication and Metacognition.


St. Mary’s uses the "Maths No Problem" programme which is based on proven learning theories from around the world. Our school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and children have really benefitted from understanding the learning theories that underpin the methods and materials found in the "Maths No Problem" books. 

Dr. Yeap Ban Har is one of the world’s leading experts on the Singapore Method (which is the approach we use at St. Mary’s) and is the technical consultant for the Maths No Problem series. An accomplished and inspirational trainer, Ban Har spent ten years at the National Institute of Education in Singapore where he was involved in several programmes in mathematics education. Ban Har was part of the team which reviewed the Singapore Maths curriculum for the revised 2013 syllabus and he teaches courses all around the world. 

Video 1

This video is designed to to explain the fundamental concepts of addition, place value and the importance of using the right nouns. At St. Mary’s, children are taught this from a very young age. Our teachers ensure that our children understand that they cannot add, subtract or count if the nouns are different.

Video 2

Number bonds are often used in our maths lessons. In this video, Ban Har explains how we teach number bonds at St. Mary’s. 

Video 3

This video will explain to you how St. Mary’s teachers teach subtraction to in their maths lessons. They begin by using number bonds because it is one of the basic things our children learn. Eventually, once children are secure with this method, they will develop more abstract ways of working out subtraction equations.

Video 4

Multiplications strategies that staff at St. Mary’s use to help our children progress in maths, are explained in this video. The use of concrete materials and visualisation are some of the skills that children are taught when learning about multiplication. 

Video 5

One mathematical concept taught in St. Mary’s is long division. Watch the video and you will hear Ban Har explain how the teachers of St. Mary’s enable your children to understand and develop their thinking. 

Video 6

Mental strategies is an important skill our children learn in maths. Here, Ban Har explains how children at St. Mary’s are taught how to use mental arithmetic to help them calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums. 

Video 7

Drawing bar models is a way of using a diagram to represent a word problem. Ban Har explains how bad models are taught in maths lessons at St. Mary’s. 


Video 8
Bar models help children to solve mathematical problems through the use of diagrams. In this second bar model video, Ban Har explains how bar models are taught and used at St. Mary’s.
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