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Welcome to our website

St Mary's CE Primary School, Adscombe Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 7AQ

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Reading at St Mary's

 reading at St. Mary's 


Start well ...The first 1000 days..... of learning to read at school are key and we strive to start well and provide the highest quality teaching and learning 

At St Mary’s we follow a structured literacy scheme called Success for All (SFA), which supports and develops the principles of the National Curriculum. SFA encapsulates Literacy from phonics, reading comprehension and fluency, to all aspects of writing. It teaches children to become strategic readers and writers, starting from when they arrive in school all the way through to Year 6.

We believe that every adult in school is a "teacher of reading" and should have the expert training and subject knowledge to work to eradicate early literacy failure and instil a lifelong love of reading . 

Some of our resources

Starting together …..

Early Years Book Club 8.30-8.45am

Get your loyalty card stamped every week …. get a book!  

Key Stage 1 Book Club Monday 3.30- 4.15pm

Year 1 and Year 2 ..... involving parents to be champions of reading.... 

How do I support my child to read well ? What do I need to know about the Year 1 Phonics Screen? What can I do when they really take off?

As children move into Year 1, the focus is primarily phonics, (how letters sound and how they form words). Children follow the Roots reading and phonics scheme where they are given the opportunity to practise and apply daily to ensure that they are consolidating phonic knowledge and skills over time and that they are able to apply them in context.

By following this programme, they are able to apply phonic knowledge and skill as the prime approach to reading unfamiliar words that are not completely decodable (words that can be sounded out easily) . At the end of year 1, we prepare children for year 2 by reading a wider range of age appropriate texts fluently and independently where children can demonstrate a sound understanding of such texts.

In Year 2 the children begin to access the SFA Wings programme where they can apply their previous phonic knowledge and focus on fluency and spelling patterns. The focus in Year 2 belongs to understanding and comprehension and children are exposed to a wider range of texts where they are beginning to successfully answer varying question types. This ensures that children in KS1 have a sound understanding of early reading skills which are developed further in KS2.

Our Reading workshops are always popular

Success For All  SFA 

My child has strong foundations - what next? 

Key Stage 1 and 2 

The "Wings"  reading programme is for children with a reading age 6 years and above. It supports and challenges basic and more competent readers, engaging them in a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts, encouraging reading for pleasure and reading for information. Year 6 also have access to a consolidation programme to support their reading before national testing.

Whilst developing word-reading and comprehension through high quality teaching is the priority for our reading school, every teacher being an advocate for reading through developing the children’s love of reading and books and the desire to read is intertwined closely with learning to read.


Developing a love of reading for every child 

Teachers share knowledge about authors and books, the language of books, reading stamina and how to choose books. Students have a ‘stop everything and pick up a book’ time, reading a book of their choice in quiet. Teachers  support this by having their own book out. 

Every child is benchmarked for their reading age and stage and provided with an appropriate book. Across the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to read widely in each subject area. 

Our class books broaden students’ understanding of the world around them and introduce them to key vocabulary needed to become fluent readers with embedded subject knowledge. 


 Pie Corbett's Reading Spine

  Key Stage 2 Book Club 

We use CLPE resources in our club to ensure the best quality texts and experiences to inspire young readers.



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