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Success For All  SFA 

Here are a range of Roots texts to read or read again. Always lots to enjoy with our Roots stories. Read them in order or choose one that really excites you. Press "Download" for your story and ..... Get reading!  or ..... check this page out

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 04 - Show and Tell.pdfDownload
 05 - Card for Dad.pdfDownload
 06 - Miss Sid Sad Sam.pdfDownload
 07 - Ice Cream Man.pdfDownload
 08 - Pit-Pat.pdfDownload
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 09 - Tag at the Farm.pdfDownload
 10 - Painters 2013.pdfDownload
 11 - Fancy Dress Party.pdfDownload
 13 - School Trip - check title.pdfDownload
 14 - Rainy Day.pdfDownload
 15 - Mysterious Song.pdfDownload
 16 - Class Trip.pdfDownload
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 17 - Bug Alert.pdfDownload
 18 - Fang 2011.pdfDownload
 20 - Borrow Ice Cream 2013.pdfDownload
 21 - Noisy Morning.pdfDownload
 22 - Hiccups.pdfDownload
 23 - Fish in Class.pdfDownload
 24 - Late.pdfDownload
 31 - Ride a Bike 2013 (No crop Marks).pdfDownload
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 25 - Then What Happened.pdfDownload
 26 - Lets go Fishing.pdfDownload
 27 - The Camping Trip.pdfDownload
 28 - Is there a Monster in the Lake 2011 (No crop marks).pdfDownload
 29 - Leaves Fall.pdfDownload
 31 - Ride a Bike 2013.pdfDownload
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 32 - Home With Cold.pdfDownload
 33 - Slippery Steps.pdfDownload
 34 - Ice Storm.pdfDownload
 35 - Did That Tree Eat My Kite.pdfDownload
 36 - Who is Wilfred.pdfDownload
 37 - Palnting Seeds in May.pdfDownload
 38 - The Land of The Midnight Sun.pdfDownload
 39 - Three Wishes.pdfDownload
 40 - The Artists of Benin City.pdfDownload
 41 - Anansi, the Spider.pdfDownload
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 42 - A Farm in China.pdfDownload
 43 - Woo Zen, A Cinderella Story.pdfDownload
 44 - A Trip to the Inca Kingdom.pdfDownload
 45 - The Magic Lake.pdfDownload
 46 - Pen Pals in The USA.pdfDownload
 47 - How Turtles Flew South.pdfDownload
 48 - Paul Bunyans Pancakes.pdfDownload
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Below are a range of really exciting Shared Stories for Roots. Choose one or start at the beginning and work your way through. Go to "Download" and get started!

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My child has strong foundations - what next? 

The "Wings"  reading programme is for children with a reading age 7.0 years and above. It supports and challenges basic and more competent readers, engaging them in a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts, encouraging reading for pleasure and reading for information. Year 6 also have access to a consolidation programme to support their reading before national testing.

Whilst developing word-reading and comprehension through high quality teaching is the priority for our reading school, every teacher being an advocate for reading through developing the children’s love of reading and books and the desire to read is intertwined closely with learning to read.


Teachers share knowledge about authors and books, the language of books, reading stamina and how to choose books.

To support this, for a minimum of twice a week, students will have a ‘stop everything and pick up a book’ time, reading a book of their choice in quiet. Teachers will support this by having their own book out. English teachers will support students in making book choices and monitor their progress through texts. Every child is benchmarked for their reading age and stage and provided with an appropriate book. Across the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to read non-fiction articles relating to each subject area. 

We have made a significant investment in books relating to the different curriculum areas as well as reading for pleasure in the development of its school library. This will broaden students’ understanding of the world around them and introduce them to key vocabulary needed to become fluent readers.

Finally, throughout the year, teachers will share novels, opening chapters, articles and non-fiction with their class from a reading spine to promote reading as widely as possible.


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