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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure


Reception - World Book Day

 A love of reading can help children do very well at school, as well as give them a better understanding of other cultures, increase their understanding of how others may be feeling (empathy), a better general knowledge, and even greater insight into us as humans and what makes us tick. Most importantly though, it's fun and it's a fantastic way to relax and escape. 

Reading helps me to relax. When I'm reading, magical things happen, it feels like I've been transported into a new world where lots of exciting things happen and I get to meet the characters. I love reading with my children, this is when the story and the characters come alive. Reading helps with our imagination and improves our writing and vocabulary skills.

Ms Mabier 

Reading is both like an intense workout and a meditation for the mind. Some books can feel like lifting heavy weights where you feel your mind getting stronger. Other books can feel like a peaceful stroll on the beach and you can feel your mind relaxing, drifting off. And there are even some special books that feel like both. Reading really is magic.

Mr Hussain

So what is reading for pleasure and why do we value it so highly at St.Mary's?
Reading for pleasure literally means any reading for enjoyment. The thing is, it doesn't have to be just books! It can be newspapers, magazines, online articles, the back of a cereal box- anything that we find enjoyable!

I have always enjoyed reading and when I became a mum it was so important for me to read to my children and engage them in stories. Both my daughter and son have been read to from the moment they were born! I love how excited they become as we turn each page and how they are mesmerised by the characters and the pictures in each book. It's magical!

Mrs Moores

I love reading because it takes me to a world of fantasy and imagination and lets me forget my worldly worries.

Mrs Chunara 

Can you spot our staff and parents ?

Everyone a reader, everyone a teacher of reading.

Reading is incredibly important for lots of reasons. It can develop your vocabulary and knowledge as well as your imagination and creativity. But it can also transport you to another place. Somewhere in your mind where you’ve never been before. A clever author can make you feel like you are really there, experiencing the sights and sounds of places, even the smells. This is the true magic of books.

Ms Jenkins

I love reading especially books aimed at younger children as the words help bring the pictures to life and this means children feel inspired to write and draw.

Mr Bulmer 

I love reading and I love books. I love the feel of them and I love flicking through the pages and looking at the words and pictures. There is something very special about books, something which should never be lost and never be taken over by technology. 

Ms Jenkins 

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