St Mary's CE Primary Moss Side

St Mary's CE Primary Moss Side

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

St Mary's CE Primary School, Adscombe Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 7AQ

0161 226 1773

Stories read by our staff

Some great stories to enjoy here.....Who needs celebrities! ....Read by our gorgeous staff...  Jabari Jumps Oi Frog Here We Are On The High Street  Charlie Cook's Favourite Book Super Duck  What the Ladybird Heard What the Ladybird Heard Next  What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday  We Are Together The Sea Saw Under the Same Sky


 There are lots of fantastic stories in here!

Check these out: 

Opportunity to listen to lots of David Walliams books -

This link contains lots of reading challenges for children - 

Stories with Michael Rosen 


Activities to do after reading a book:

Design a new cover for the book.

Imagine you are inside the book. What character would you be and why? How would you change the story if you were one of the characters?

Have a look at the problem in the book. Think of another solution to the problem.

Write a book review-explain the book briefly and write about whether or not it was a good book and if you would recommend it to others to read. Why?

Describe how the story made you feel. Can you relate to the characters? Did it make you happy/sad?

Create a comic strip of one scene from the book.

Write to the author- Write what you liked or disliked in the book. What might you change if you were to improve it? Take your child's feedback seriously and mail it to the author or publisher.

Paint or draw a picture or scene from the book

Retell the story in your own words

Summarise a factual text using a mind map

Draw a character from a story- compare it with someone else who has read the book

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